Before you start, you're already beat

Be bold, don't let them play you for a fool

It's not often we get to talk about ourselves. Here's a little something to break the ice.
Chelsy Henry, Creative Direction & Design

Who I am and what makes me Bold

“My Proposition is to make a nice design that values your proposition”

I’m from the small town Erie, Pennsylvania. Currently Living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working for RMS Machinery, Inc. I’ve acted (IMDB Chexy Grace), I’ve tattooed, I’ve worked as a cashier at a Country Fair gas station, I’ve been a manager of (5) Subway restaurants and I’ve worked (8) years with RMS Machinery, Inc.

So I’ve done a little of everything but a lot of Web Development and Marketing (14) years.

Be Bold. Trust The Timing Of Your Life.

Don't be shy

Meet the Team

Chelsy La Grace

New experiences and challenges are my thing.

If I can make my client happy with design and results, then mission accomplished.



Or Italic

Never just regular.

Chelsy La Grace, Owner of La Grace's Design LLC